Down with Racism, Militarism & Hate, Up with Unity, Love & Socialism  A 2015 Holiday Wish for a Coalition of Third Parties and the People, by an N30 Occupier   

November 28, 2015


On this fourth year anniversary of my November 30th, 2011, arrest at Occupy Los Angeles–which happened to about 300 of us because we were so fed up with our social, political and economic  institutions’ catering to corporate greed–I wryly note that little in our society has changed since then. I want to make another call out to the people, as Occupiers did then, for unity and resistance against the current militaristic, greedy and racist power structures, and for support of the long list of grievances outlined in The Declaration of Occupy Wall Street, and the  platform outlined in The Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration, 2014    These sentiments have been echoed somewhat in the 2015/16 election cycle, in the platforms of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and more so of the Green Party, the Socialist Party, and Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL). This is especially urgent on the occasion of both the 2016 political races–in which hardly any of these Occupy-identified issues were addressed in the televised Presidential debates (of what I like to call the Republicrats)–and on the extra-special occasion of Donald Trump’s impending visit to Sarasota.

As I began writing,  I could not help but have a holiday tune float through my mind:

“Donald Trump is Coming to Town” (sung to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

“You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not protest, I’m telling you why, Donald Trump is coming to town. He’s a racist hater, mean as mean can be, he’ll terrorize the planet, and attack our liberty…He’ll spy on you when your sleeping, or when you’re half awake, and he just might get crazy, so be good for goodness sake…Donald Trump is coming to town” (or  something along those lines–please don a Santa hat and sing it with me at the next Trump protest).

After many years of struggle in the peace, mental health clients’ rights and vegan activist movements, I have learned that a little humor helps. And, as I am the mother of two teenagers, I of course have this kind of sarcastic musical parody on my mind regularly; I also have the future of my children and our planet on my mind. That is one of the reasons I committed civil disobedience and was arrested four years ago at the Occupy encampment, arms linked with my compatriots. I have extreme doubt about the ecological, economic and political soundness of the  current philosophies and trajectories of the Western world. Donald Trump is not only the face of racism, he is also the face of corrupt corporate America; the scary thing is that even if any of the other Republicrats get elected, we will still face the same systemic problems. After about 30 years of eye-opening non-profit work, journalism and activism, I would like to see more unity and bold action by the people of this land in the face of the corrupt political system of which we are a part.

Moreover, I believe that the values promoted at this time of year, the holidays–kindness, love, peace, faith and hope–should be the values we base our culture on–not greed, selfishness, fear and violence. Four years ago, Occupiers and their supporters talked and wrote about the people’s need for a fundamental change in our values– and the economic and political system based upon them. We talked about this need  for revolutionary change in many Occupy assemblies, and in  many online articles, blog entries, and declarations, including the Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration, 2014.

In this last declaration, one of many similar ones across the country–based on surveys of the people–we called for an end to the corrupt two-party system, an end to police brutality, breaking up the Big Banks, fighting global warming, an end to the “War on Terror”, stopping fraudclosures, and an end to deportations, among a number of other things. None of the problems we were concerned about then have been solved. It is disappointing and humiliating to know that one could practically lay down their life for a cause, be bailing water out as fast as one can of a sinking ship and have just as many holes in the sinking ship open up to plug…Because our socio-political system is deeply unjust, we cannot help but have continued problems of corruption, racism and hate occur. However, one must remain hopeful and strong, and loyal/faithful to one’s compatriots in the struggle.

Bernie Sanders is talking a good talk, but I look at him with a jaundiced eye. He is like all of the other major party candidates, in the sense that he would continue to support the two-party system and much of the corporate agenda, including a continued “War on Terror” (which by all accounts will only lead to more terrorism and more discrimination against Syrian refugees). I imagine that fear of having a Donald Trump be the next president will cause many people to rally around the more conservative and corporate-backed Hillary Clinton as opposed to Bernie as the Democratic candidate. In this way, the corporations may very well win another 4 years of sitting at the presidential table. We can’t afford that.

I have long hoped that, instead of continuing this downward spiral, “we the people”, the 99%–more than half of whom do not even plan to vote in the next election–would be stirred to action by the leadership of a major coalition between third parties and people’s movements, such as the Green Party, the Socialist Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Occupy (what’s left of it), the housing justice movement, Black Lives Matter, environmental groups, the ANSWER coalition and other forward-thinking groups . This would be very inspiring, especially if independent elections were being proposed, and a coalition/unity panel of candidates iwere being put forward as a possibke new administration, including those from all the major parties and movements, as well as people like Bernie Sanders, if he doesn’t get the nomination–and perhaps all of the many dissenters and whistleblowers from our government of the past 15 years that have seen what the corruption and incompetence of the current system looks like from the inside.

In conclusion, the 2016 election process will not be democratic by any means and cannot be trusted–the people need to wake up and create their own consensus/government/elections, outside of voting in the mainstream ones. To do this, third party forces and all of the many people’s resistance movements need to come together and begin to discuss such a possibility. In my opinion, all major and minor activist groups and third parties should be invited to discuss together a strong, inspiring, unified platform based upon love, hope, our stewardship of the planet, tolerance and racial and economic justice–premised upon what the people –not corporations– want. Whether we have the maturity and resources to actually do this is another question.

I continue to hope, as I did with Occupy, that whatever strategy we create to take back our political and economic systems, will be guided by love and commitment to secure our future. Last weekend, my two teenagers and I went to stand in solidarity with the mother of Elias Guadarama, a young Hispanic who was gunned down by police . However–after hearing too many stories about protesters getting arrested, shot at, and tortured–my kids were too afraid to get out of the car when we got there. This is not the kind of country I want my children to live in when they are older. Fear must not stop us adults from moving forward. I am here to say that I, for one, will not be silent and will not stop occupying, protesting and resisting until our country is heading in the right direction–not just for our generation, but for the future, for our children and their children’s children.

Let us all join together and commit to Dump Trump, and support a unified third party and free elections or resistance movement in this country. We need to take back our political, social and economic systems and resist the greed, racism, ecological disaster and militarism to which our current systems have given rise. DUMP TRUMP!!!!!

VOICE TO THE VOICELESS; The People’s Solidarity Declaration

March 1, 2013

I just signed the petition “VOICE TO THE VOICELESS; The People’s Solidarity Declaration” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


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The Protest in Los Angeles

October 6, 2011

Today I visited the downtown "Shut Down LA" civil disobedience site. People from all walks of life were there demanding that corporate greed stop, that laws stop them from doing ANYTHING to hurt the environment, animals, the common person, our health, our integrity or our future as the human race. Dozens of tents were pitched on the LA City Hall lawn. A kitchen, meeting area, and media center were set up and alll was organized chaos, beautiful to behold. The leaders are discussing the actions agenda for weeks ahead–"we will stay til we get what we want" is the war-cry. Reportedly, the Los Angeles City Council is considering whether or not to support the protest. Unions will be marching in solidarity with the protesters tomorrow and Friday. More posts and pics later.

Vegan “Omelette” Premier!

April 8, 2011

My friend Joseph of and I created a starter vegan “omelette” recipe the other day, and this is how we did it–enjoy!

1/2 bell pepper, chopped
4-6 mushrooms, sliced
1/2 onion, chopped
(optional: add or replace with other vegetable ingredients that you would usually place in your omelette)
1 package silken tofu
1 Ener-G Egg Replacer
1/4 c. whole wheat flour (rounded)
1/4 c. Daiya vegan cheese
1/2 tspn. turmeric
1-2 tspn. olive oil (for skillet)
a splash of soy sauce
salt, pepper, garlic powder (or other spices you normally would use in an omelette

Blend tofu until creamed. Heat up skillet on medium high. Meanwhile, throw in the powdered Ener-G egg replacer–WITHOUT ACTUALLY FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS ON THE ENERG EGG REPLACER PACKAGE–as well as the tumeric, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Whip it up with a whisk until all is mixed in evenly.

Fold in the Daiya cheese and pour the entire mixture into an omelette or frying pan coated with the thin layer of olive oil. Throw the chopped onions, peppers, mushrooms–and/or whatever other veggies you desire–on top. Let it cook a good while, until getting golden on the bottom. Then flip and cook as with a normal omelette, aiming to have it partly lightly-browned and well-cooked.When done it will more or less look and act like a normal omelette. This recipe will work as an omelette, right down to the protein content!!!

Examining Our Foundations–Now

April 8, 2011


Wake up people! When you are living in a house whose foundations are rotten, the bottom is bound to fall out soon. The problem with our culture, American culture (and capitalist cultures in general), is that our basic beliefs about what is important in life–our values, our foundation–are not reflected in the systems we have in place for spiritual growth, commerce and government. So our house is built on a shaky and unreliable foundation–and if the floor is torn out of a house, you cannot dwell there. What is happening in Japan, the partial nuclear meltdown, and what is happening in our government–the budget cuts of Medicaid and other social service programs which Obama today declared might lead to a “dissolving” of our government–are reflections of the basic problems we have in our societal structure. As Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz said today on Democracy Now, the forces of capitalism and government today are nothing more than the tyrants of Old Europe dressed up in modern clothes.

As deep psychologists are pointing out, when one is motivated by more than one thing, values can get destroyed or overlooked. When the government or a big business is making profits by harming or destroying life, health, our food safely, the environment, et cetera, those involved will psychologically be unable to see–or adequately solve–the problem at hand.

We need to decide whether or not our values of protecting people’s lives and health, peace, protecting endangered species and habitats, making sure our food and water systems are safe, and preserving a high quality of life for ourselves and future generations are important to us, and what we are going to do to defend them. Are they important enough to us to tear down our old house and build a new, sustainable one, one all living creatures can live in peacefully? Now would be the time to decide.

April 1, 2011

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Let’s Investigate the Real Terrorists

March 14, 2011

The investigation of Islamic Americans as potential terror threats by Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King, while leaving the actual white, “Christian” perpetrators of 9/11–i.e., Bush and company–out of the investigation is discriminatory, ignorant and a waste of taxpayer money. Obviously, in view of the facts–such as those concerning the Oklahoma City bombings, the recent arrest of the neo-Nazi, would-be Martin Luther King’s Day bomb-builder Kevin William Harpin, and the growing public belief that Bush and his greedy evil pals were behind the 9/11 bombings–more than just radical Islamic people are potential threats to the U.S.. In fact, according to investigator Michael Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, radical Islamics (of any stripe) have committed far less attacks in the U.S. than radical right-wingers, like Patriot militia types, Ku Klux Klanners, and neo-Nazis in recent years, and all of these groups deserve to be investigated as threats. Even more importantly, much evidence exists–coming from large groups of physicists, demolition experts and architects to political insider informants (see, that Bush and friends may have been responsible for 9/11.

Let’s be logical, shall we, and not waste taxpayer money following the whim of a neurotic Congressman to do a pseudo-investigation of terrorism in the U.S. while allowing the real culprits to go scott-free. I call on all those millions of Americans who understand the value of the lives that were lost on 9/11/2001–and the potential lives to be lost if we let the real perpetrators of terrorism in the U.S. go–to demand a real investigation  this year, the ten-year anniversary. We’re all obliged to stand up for truth and justice and join together to stop the abuse of power occurring in our nation’s Capitol.

Women’s Place, Male Myths, and the Vegan Diet

March 6, 2011

We and all the animals were created out of clay, and lived in a peaceful Paradise with one another at one time–so go some of the old Biblical and mythological views on life. Others talk about a time when Eve, the mother of humankind, ate the fruit of the wrong tree and therefore sent us all into miserable existence. As such ancient legends are thought to actually bear some resemblance to actual ancient history, it is possible that the “apple” Eve ate–the food God had forbidden, significantly forbidden along with that of the “Tree of Life”–represented lifeforms other than plant food, i.e. eating the “apple” signifies the beginning of the eating of meat and animal products.

However, was it actually Eve–the woman of the first mated couple on earth–rather than Adam that created the first “sin”? Was it actually she that ate the first animal products? Given that men were in control of the writings of the Bible for many hundreds of years, it makes sense that we ask that question. Moreover, It takes much strength to kill an animal, and generally men are stronger than women, a fact which is probably the main reason that men are most often the hunters of various tribes and cultures, not women. Also, women tend to be more compassionate towards other living creatures than men are.

No, I say it is most likely that it was man’s idea to kill animals and eat them–not Eve’s. Relatedly, the fact that men associate hunting with the male role model is probably another reason that women vegetarians and vegans outnumber their masculine counterparts by large ratios.

But it is women who–fortunately or no–are the managers, if not the owners, of the family kitchen. Women who can advocate for the vegan diet by cooking delicious plant-based (vegan) meals are one of the most potent forces of compassion towards farm animals on our planet! Although many of us would take issue with the fact that we are treated unfairly when we are “put in our place” by being chained to the unpaid kitchen, grocery shopping, (and childcare) jobs, it is we who also have more power than our male partners to save farm animals’ lives, and improve our familiy’s health. Hence, although women certainly can influence what their family eats without actually being the cook, as International Women’s Day draws near on Saturday, March 12th, the power of women in the kitchen can be something to celebrate! is in business!

March 5, 2011

Vegan Paradise Cover

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Vegans Support Peace!

January 24, 2011

Veganism, by the creator’s definition of the word (D. Watson created the word “vegan” in the 1940s while being a conscientious objector), is the belief that it is wrong to kill other living creatures–this can refer to people as well as animals. Hence true vegans are not only strict vegetarians who do not support the abuse or killing of animals, they also believe in peaceful interactions between people. To that end, I support the protests, parallel actions and civil disobedience which are  being called for by Veterans for Peace on March 19th (the anniversary of the Iraq War)  in order to end the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.