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Let’s Investigate the Real Terrorists

March 14, 2011

The investigation of Islamic Americans as potential terror threats by Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King, while leaving the actual white, “Christian” perpetrators of 9/11–i.e., Bush and company–out of the investigation is discriminatory, ignorant and a waste of taxpayer money. Obviously, in view of the facts–such as those concerning the Oklahoma City bombings, the recent arrest of the neo-Nazi, would-be Martin Luther King’s Day bomb-builder Kevin William Harpin, and the growing public belief that Bush and his greedy evil pals were behind the 9/11 bombings–more than just radical Islamic people are potential threats to the U.S.. In fact, according to investigator Michael Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, radical Islamics (of any stripe) have committed far less attacks in the U.S. than radical right-wingers, like Patriot militia types, Ku Klux Klanners, and neo-Nazis in recent years, and all of these groups deserve to be investigated as threats. Even more importantly, much evidence exists–coming from large groups of physicists, demolition experts and architects to political insider informants (see, that Bush and friends may have been responsible for 9/11.

Let’s be logical, shall we, and not waste taxpayer money following the whim of a neurotic Congressman to do a pseudo-investigation of terrorism in the U.S. while allowing the real culprits to go scott-free. I call on all those millions of Americans who understand the value of the lives that were lost on 9/11/2001–and the potential lives to be lost if we let the real perpetrators of terrorism in the U.S. go–to demand a real investigation  this year, the ten-year anniversary. We’re all obliged to stand up for truth and justice and join together to stop the abuse of power occurring in our nation’s Capitol.


Women’s Place, Male Myths, and the Vegan Diet

March 6, 2011

We and all the animals were created out of clay, and lived in a peaceful Paradise with one another at one time–so go some of the old Biblical and mythological views on life. Others talk about a time when Eve, the mother of humankind, ate the fruit of the wrong tree and therefore sent us all into miserable existence. As such ancient legends are thought to actually bear some resemblance to actual ancient history, it is possible that the “apple” Eve ate–the food God had forbidden, significantly forbidden along with that of the “Tree of Life”–represented lifeforms other than plant food, i.e. eating the “apple” signifies the beginning of the eating of meat and animal products.

However, was it actually Eve–the woman of the first mated couple on earth–rather than Adam that created the first “sin”? Was it actually she that ate the first animal products? Given that men were in control of the writings of the Bible for many hundreds of years, it makes sense that we ask that question. Moreover, It takes much strength to kill an animal, and generally men are stronger than women, a fact which is probably the main reason that men are most often the hunters of various tribes and cultures, not women. Also, women tend to be more compassionate towards other living creatures than men are.

No, I say it is most likely that it was man’s idea to kill animals and eat them–not Eve’s. Relatedly, the fact that men associate hunting with the male role model is probably another reason that women vegetarians and vegans outnumber their masculine counterparts by large ratios.

But it is women who–fortunately or no–are the managers, if not the owners, of the family kitchen. Women who can advocate for the vegan diet by cooking delicious plant-based (vegan) meals are one of the most potent forces of compassion towards farm animals on our planet! Although many of us would take issue with the fact that we are treated unfairly when we are “put in our place” by being chained to the unpaid kitchen, grocery shopping, (and childcare) jobs, it is we who also have more power than our male partners to save farm animals’ lives, and improve our familiy’s health. Hence, although women certainly can influence what their family eats without actually being the cook, as International Women’s Day draws near on Saturday, March 12th, the power of women in the kitchen can be something to celebrate! is in business!

March 5, 2011

Vegan Paradise Cover

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