The Best Way to Rob a Bank is To Own One; My Struggle for Housing Justice

If you read the local news, you’d think that the foreclosure crisis is over. However, according to RealtyTrak, 600 homes in various states of foreclosure are listed in Sarasota—not including the many the banks think they won’t be able to win in court. Let me tell you how my own unsuccessful foreclosure struggle has revealed to me the bigger issues.

It is a psychological fact that everyone needs a safe and secure home, and housing justice today comes in many flavors.  In recent decades, housing prices (rentals and home prices) have shot up everywhere, we see a rising number of people being forced into homelessness, and white collar crimes involving predatory lending and “residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) by the big banks—who knowingly and intentionally use the fact that many humans naturally want to own their own home to manipulate them and steal from investors–are unbelievably still not being prosecuted. As my old Occupy pals used to discuss, America has become a corporatocracy where corporations and 1% of the people control far too much.

In fact, despite the 2010 to 2016 National Mortgage Settlements with most of the major banks and their “sub-servicers”, and despite recent mainstream news about foreclosures being down, shady bank entities are fraudulently foreclosing on more households than they have since 2008—close to a million in Florida in the past few years alone—while our government turns a blind eye. I have been fighting against my own fraudulent foreclosure since 2013 and have experienced a number of injustices at the hands of the foreclosure courts and the Chase Bank entity who filed the complaint a  “Deutsche Bank as Trustee for…” type of entity, which has another similar-sounding long name it has used to file a claim against me in bankruptcy court (where I went only because of what they say I owe them) . I have learned a lot about banking, property laws, and about housing justice, the mortgage-justice variety. I am currently on a Fast for Housing Justice and am part of the Women’s Home Occupy Action network (WHOA network) to provide public education and direct action to combat the problem, which actually turns out to be related to some much bigger economic problems.


Our government was meant to embody our collective sense of right and wrong—to rein in the evils of runaway capitalism–but that depends in part on uncorrupted democracy, on lawyers willing to stand up for what is right in court and courts actually opining as directed by our laws. When it comes to property disputes, as one home defense lawyer, James Ackley, puts it, “We learned growing up that our country was founded upon the ‘Superman’ principles of truth, justice and equality, and that the court system is the third leg—that ensures justice will happen. The reality is that our courts have become overly-influenced by the banking lobby and homeowners often do not get the justice they deserve.  Foreclosure defense lawyers who stand up for fair mortgage and foreclosure laws such as the Truth in Lending Act, presenting proper chain of title and legitimate paperwork when trying to foreclose, and due process are being sanctioned by the bank-owned courts. How homeowners can get equal protection under the law—and how we could break free from such an oppressive government–is anyone’s guess. ”

A handful of big banks—including Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi and HSBC—have taken over much of the wealth of our country, just as they did during the Depression, in part by corrupting the government and the courts so that they can commit predatory lending and foreclosure crime:

  • It is no accident that Trump was given a loan of $300 million by Deutsche Bank when no one else would.
  • It could be seen as evidence of his administrations’ green light (if not collusion) to fraudulent foreclosures (aka “fraudclosures”), that he and his Congress appointed Mnuchin, one of the architects of the mortgage/foreclosure crisis (it originated out of the likes of Wall Street banks like Goldman and Sachs, which is where Mnuchin worked before he became a fraudclosure king) as Treasury Secretary
  • Trump named Wilbur Ross (connected to Deutsche Bank executives held responsible for Russian money-laundering) to be Commerce Secretary
  • Trump named Jay Clayton (who worked just prior to his appointment as a top lawyer for Wall Street banks including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche) to be the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The big banks—besides getting their friends into Cabinet positions—are also managing to get away with the on-going “biggest bank robbery in history” (including the fraudclosure crisis–“the best way to rob a bank is to own one”) through several other means, most prominently perhaps through creating intimidating “doing business as” types of entities such as “Deutsche Bank as Trustee for the Registered Holders of Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-WL3, Asset-backed Certificates, 2006-WL3”, the entity that “bought” my house (from itself) at the “foreclosure sale”, and “Select Portfolio Servicing” (SPS). And J.P. Morgan Chase had assigned the “servicing” of the loan to SPS as soon as I had shown I wouldn’t be intimidated into leaving my home when I got the foreclosure complaint (instead of assuming that foreclosure would be unavoidable and leaving, as many people unfortunately do).

Another piece of their crime strategy is counting on court justices to give them the assumptions given historically to a big corporation, an assumption of legitimacy which big banks have historically been given by courts. That is, when a homeowner challenges what appears to be fraudulent foreclosure paperwork—e.g., robo-signed documents—and questions the true ownership (“chain of title”) of the note in court,  they are not given proper investigation during the courts “discovery” process. The bank did not even show up to represent themselves during my battle in Federal for the eventualities of loan rescission—they could depend on the loyal behavior of judges who would argue for the bank without their even being in court.

Of course their companion strategy is counting on judges and the public to believe that homeowners that do not pay their mortgage—regardless of how much it violates the law—are the lowest form of life on earth. Judges actually yelled at me from the bench as if I were personally insulting their mothers when I was only trying to explain how Chase Bank does not have the proper chain of title to claim ownership of my note or my home.

Lately, I have learned from the free bankruptcy lawyers at the bankruptcy court that legally my best option might be to declare Chapter 7 and walk away from my home and the debt. To me, that is an impossible consideration, as I cannot support either my family becoming homeless or these big banks profiting even one dime more from their crimes.

I started a fast for housing justice a few weeks ago. Some have urged me to move on, but I can’t give up the fight. Please help my family and I to remain in our home. Join me:;; follow my blog,



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