Shakti Marquis

Shakti Marquis is a free-lance writer, educator, natural healer, and consultant who has been published in The Vegetarian Times, Earthsave International Journal, Indymedia and other independent publications. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a certified peer-counselor and teacher. Shakti has a strong background in educating others about veganism and alternative psychological and spiritual healing. She not only writes about veganism, but also has designed and conducted vegan workshops (incorporating ecopsychological principles) about veganism,  for children as well as adults. Although American, she lives in India currently. She can be reached at 818-631-0338 or at, for questions, to arrange a free workshop presentation, or for a free consultation. She is a vegan food coach and consultiant for teachers, non-profit organizations, restaurants or other businesses interested in “veganizing”, alternative mental/psychospiritual health practices, and/or educating children and adults about veganism.



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