The Vegan Paradise Paradigm


Our world was designed to be a beautiful, harmonious place in which people live in harmony with Mother Nature and all living creatures, including those animals which we now abuse and slaughter for food and other commercial products. This old paradise story—found in many religions and promoted by various thinkers throughout history—could also be considered a scientific and historical theory, which encompasses and extends the limits of Western spirituality, philosophy and science. It implies that the earth and all its inhabitants have the potential to live in peace and harmony now if we make the right choices about how to treat animals, each other and the natural world. For our diets and lifestyles, it implies that we at least abstain from eating meat (including fish, of course), dairy and eggs. We must try to recreate a paradise on earth in our own surroundings in whatever way we can, and helping to end the killing/eating of animals by becoming a strict vegetarian is an easy first step.

Related to “Systems” (or “Elegant design”) theories, what could be termed the “Benign Divine Design” or “Vegan Paradise” Paradigm, postulates that not only does a “grand designer” exist behind reality and in every part of nature’s design, intending us to eat plant food (not animals), but that one time in ancient history, humans were vegan, in general. When the ancient spiritual literature from around the world is examined with an eye for how people in ancient times were taught to approach animals, we see much indication that ancient spiritual leaders taught their followers to be vegan. We also see that humans started out living with a consciousness more closely tied to nature, animals and their souls. Surprisingly, it appears that we were actually vegans, generally–rather than hunters and gatherers–in our ancient past.

Where is the proof that our earth was designed to work optimally well as a vegan one?  Look at how top disease killers among humans–heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and other ailments–are caused by eating animals, and how much animals suffer for our eating habits. Environmental statistics also indicate that the raising of animals for food has led to much misery—desertification, world hunger, and water and air pollution (for example, it is the number one cause of water pollution and desertification in the Western United States, and a top cause of global warming).

A new paradigm is needed for the modern world, in part because our old materialistic, capitalistic one has led us to a place of environmental devastation, massive human and animal suffering, failing human health, world hunger, and a crumbling economy. Let’s start living according to a new, life-honoring philosophy–the Vegan Paradise Paradigm.


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